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Old 05-24-2017, 09:48 AM   #1
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What Is In Your .40 Caliber And Why?

My EDC is a G35 and my carry load is the 165gr Federal Tactical Bonded.
I get a consistent 1180fps from my match grade Storm Lake 5.03in barrel.

That is 10mm performance in a lighter recoiling gun.

If I carried a 180gr in would be the Federal HST and from my match grade barrel I would get 1153fps

My G35 is just as good as a 45acp or 10mm "Mimics" IMO with twice as much ammo as the 45acp and a smaller grip than both 45acp/10mm double stack magazines.
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I don't carry my BHP in 40S&W, but when it was my HD gun, I loaded it with Gold Dot 165 grain (I think), as it seemed to be the most accurate through my gun.
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Old 05-27-2017, 09:31 AM   #3
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Winchester SXT 180 grain. Good ammo, amd I found a deal on a case of it awhile back, so it will be my load for a bit.
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Old 06-09-2018, 09:00 PM   #4
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I am seeing more and more pistols chambered for the 10 mm round. I would welcome a comparison between the 10 mm and the 40 SW mag. I have owned or still own several of the standard pistols in 40 SW but never a 10mm.
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I had a SIG P229 in .40, a .40 Hi Power, a G35 and G22. I carried a .40 for a time, reloaded for it,etc. It is without doubt a good Duty/SD type cartridge. I really tried, but just never warmed up to the .40 long term. Perhaps this is due to my very long term association with the .45 ACP and 10MM cartridges. I admit I don't know what the 10MM "Mimics" reference means.

Though certainly excellent, high end .40 S&W performance, I wouldn't consider 165 @ 1180 FPS in a 5.03" barrel 10MM performance, unless the 10MM was one of the down-loaded versions, like the FBI load, so popular after the .40 S&W was introduced. Obviously, there is some overlap between high end .40 S&W and low-mid range 10MM performance. All things being equal though, 10MM performance with the real, not down loaded, 10MM ammunition in a .40 S&W pistol, even if safely possible, would not somehow result in a lighter recoiling gun. Newton's 3rd. law, etc.

BTW, I was out shooting my S&W 1026 with 5" barrel a few days ago and did some chronographing. Also looked through some of my previous chronograph notes. All in 5" semi-auto barrels: One of the lightest Duty/SD type loads tested,the Winchester 175 grain Silvertip, averaged 1235 FPS, the original 200 grain Norma averaged 1213 FPS, Underwood 165 JHP averaged 1360 FPS, Buffalo Bore 180 averaged 1380 FPS. Not a thing wrong with anyone's choosing the .40 S&W, but it'll never be equal to the 10MM Auto cartridge when loaded to similar pressures.
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