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Greatbluedog 09-23-2016 06:27 AM

Analyzing self defense ammo for use on the street
Taught my nephews this week to check every individual round for perfection if they are going to CCW.

Thought I'd share with the Forum for readers who are new CCW Sheepdogs. While most new in the box high quality factory USA manufactured ammo is perfect, defects can happen. Takes a moment to analyze before hitting the street with new ammo in CCW mags.

Look at:

1. The bullet. Is it seated properly? Is it on a weird angle? Is it bent or collapsed into the casing?
2. The casing. Is it cracked? Is it split? Is it unusual looking? Smooth? Is it crushed like a can of soup?
3. The primer (on the bottom). Is it flush or is it sticking out or collapsed in or unusual looking? Is it dented?
4. Is the rim round and smooth or bent?
5. Do the bullets fit into the magazine?
6. Does the ammo feed from the magazine into the chamber?

JayPee 09-23-2016 09:10 AM

Excellent advice, GBD. Excellent indeed.

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