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Old 11-11-2005, 05:19 PM   #1
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Speer 9mm ammo separation

First of all, I'm not the usual brand of shooter you get in here. . .I'm lucky any more if I get out and pop off some rounds once or twice a year. For that reason, I know the ammo I keep in my "protection gun" gets to be older than it should. . .sometimes years old. This, I know, is not good.

Nonetheless, I've had a situation with some Speer 9mm that I've never before encountered. . .actual separation.

When I took the clip out of my Browning Hi-Power some time back, the top round in the clip had completely separated, dumping powder and creating quite a mess.

Not to mention the fact that the weapon would have been useless for its intended purpose.

I cleaned the weapon thoroughly, made sure no excess solvents or oil were present ( I thought this might have caused the separation ) and put different Speer rounds in the gun ( though from the same box ). When I checked the clip today, I found that the topmost 9mm round was again in the process of separation: The bullet having moved approx. 1/16 inch beyond its normal seating position.

Now I know the best solution to this problem is to keep fresh ammo in the weapon, and I know I let mine get too old. Still, I have been around firearms for almost 50 years, and this is the first time I've encountered this phenomenon.

Any thoughts???


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Speer 9mm ammo separation

Hello. I would send the ammunition back to Speer. It sounds like the bullets may not have been seated firmly/tightly enough in the cases at the factory.


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Speer 9mm ammo separation

Thanks, Steve. . .sounds logical.

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