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7.62x54R help need info

I traded a savage mark II 22 bolt action .22 rifle for a 1943 Russian mosin nagant in amazing condition. The rifle came with some surplus ammo. It appears to be typical Bulgarian yellow tip brass colored heavy ball solid lead rounds but it has a lot of punch and penetrates 1/2" steel like butter. That seems odd to me because it lacks a steel penetrator. I am just curious if anybody has any info to offer on whether this may be a rare surplus. It didn't come in the typical 440 round spam can but a rectangular 380 round tin that opened at just the top. I just want to be sure I am not blasting through ammo that is hard to find. Ive got about 170 rounds left. Heres the pics, I would appreciate all of the insight I can get.

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I do believe that is 182gr Bulgarian Heavy ball ammo. I bet the Mosin is eating that ammo up! (They tend to like heavier loads in my experience). It's fairly rare to find anymore but isn't all that valuable as it can only be used in machine guns and (in your case) a Mosin. The ammo will literally crack receivers on semi auto variants such as the PSL and others, as it was not meant to be used in those guns. I have heard that PSL's will literally crack after even minor use of the heavy stuff so beware of use in any other guns than the mosins.

Don't let that frighten you though as the bolt guns are fine to shoot with that ammo.
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