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You should now feel just the opposite!
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Education is an accumulation of knowledge, and as such, it is never ending.

Kyler the thing to remember is that we all started at the same point - knowing nothing, and seek the knowledge we want or need. You just haven't wanted it, this particular bit of knowledge, till now.
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this is very true. thank you for your time!
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Hello all your USA GI carbine 30cal is non-corrosive and your military USA 30-06 is corrosive primed and all the commercial Super X and other USA made hunting ammo is non corrosive. There is nothing there worth alot,but GI boxed carbine in full box,s is slightly collectible. The carbine gas piston would rust up with corrosive ammo so it was all made non-coorosive in this country. But French and Chinese carbine ammo is corrosive. The Chinese made some fake sterile 30 carbine for the coldware era. LC 1967 is non-corrosive and the 1953 is border line maybe non-corrosive. Clean firearms shooting corrosive with Windex brand window cleaner then oil and do it agian every other day at least 3 times then check bore a few weeks latter.

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