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Huge Squirrel... A Hunting Story & Pics


I posted yesterday about huge fox squirrel we have around here. It was suggested that I go pop one, and needing another squirrel for proper squirrel stew, I found time today to hunt a little bit.

I used my "squirrel sniper," the Romanian Training Rifle which will hold caliber size groups at 50 yards, and I decided to use Remington subsonic as bunches of squirrel were running around and I figured I'd be quiet.

It didn't work out quite like I planned.

I put the crosshairs on the head of a large fox squirrel and squeezed off. Only sometime between the time I shot and the bullet getting there, the squirrel twitched. It thrashed around for a couple seconds before it took off. Great. The other squirrels scattered and the one I hit ran up a tree. I didn't have much view, so I shot center of mass of what I could see. This inspired the squirrel to run down the tree and jump into another. I clucked and it froze, at which time I put one through its chest. (I did not shoot the head due to the distance being 10 yards and having a 'scope sighted for 50 yards. I didn't know for sure where it would go.)

Well, it fell and didn't thrash too much. I went over to it and it was still breathing, or trying to. It expired shortly thereafter, right before I decided I would behead it with my hatchet.

Another large squirrel, this one is as long as the stock of my rifle, including the tail. Discounting the tail, it's still as long as the stock, if the rifle's buttstock is discounted.

It turns out that the first shot hit the rear leg, which was the next target after the head. When the squirrel moved its head at the shot, the leg was hit.

The next bullet took it in the chest on the underside. (I was shooting almost straight up).

The final shot took it smack dab in the chest, right where I aimed, and is what finally dropped it.

When I dressed it out, I found that none of these bullets expanded, and all passed through, leaving caliber sized entrance and exit wounds and very little tissue disruption. In fact, I had extremely little bloodshot meat to trim away.

So, to you who told me that Remington SS doesn't expand: You were right, I was wrong.

I will not use this load again when hunting exclusively for meat. If I go out long enough to take my time, passing up all shots but head shots, I will use it. Otherwise, I will use the high velocity hollowpoint ammo.

Maybe subsonic ammo was acceptable back in the days before high velocity loads and Long Rifle ammunition, but I can't bring myself to believe that it's acceptable any longer, and especially not on these cat sized critters I have at my place. Nothing against those who use it, but it's just not for me, at least not all the time.

I really, really hate wounding game if you can't tell.

Regardless, I have enough meat now for some good stew, and I will make use of it in a few days.

Josh <><

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