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Old 09-03-2013, 08:31 PM   #131
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Originally Posted by cxm View Post
whoever named it the "Hillary Hole" was on target... both ugly as hemorrhoids.
Priceless Chuck - simply priceless! And yes, their both ugly as hemorrhoids.

John Browning & Dieudonne Saive's Designs Will Always be Light Years Ahead of All the Others.

I'd rather beat a bad guy to death with my Browning High Power, than shoot him dead with a plastic pistol.

Fighting Tyrants & Traitors is a 24/7 Job that Must be Done!

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Old 08-27-2016, 09:09 AM   #132
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The new Ruger SAs have the lock. I don't like it. Just another hazard. Gets in the way of after market grips. Who wants to drill a hole in the grips of their gun? Thank God I have the older models for my .32 H&R mag and .45 Colt.
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Old 09-14-2016, 07:04 PM   #133
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Never will buy a S&W gun of any kind. They were the FIRST to cave into the federal govt. BS. Great guns but a very bad politically correct stance.
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Old 09-16-2016, 03:05 PM   #134
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Keep in mind the management that caved in is long gone, the new owners have been consistently on the right side of gun control issues since that time.

The 'hillary hole' on new revolvers really has nothing to do with politics... it has everything to do with money... The owners who took over after the British plumbers caved in to Klinton owned the patents of the gun lock... so naturally they wanted to make money off the locks... They are perfectly happy to offer non lock guns in semi auto (and even some revolvers) because the lock design they they own is for revolvers...

To be accurate however we have to note it was Colt's that caved in first, not S&W...



Originally Posted by Smoke Jensen1 View Post
Never will buy a S&W gun of any kind. They were the FIRST to cave into the federal govt. BS. Great guns but a very bad politically correct stance.
Hoist On High The Bonny Blue Flag That Bears The Single Star!

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Old 09-23-2016, 08:09 AM   #135
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Bought my first S&W in 1970 and another one just yesterday...but as far as the IL goes, they can keep them. I have two, a 500/4" and a 686-7 .38 Super only because they were never made without the IL...and I have Plugs for both of them. Just the other day on one of the forums one of the posters had their IL self-lock...

Whether they care to admit it or not Smith has lost tons of business because of their not removing the IL from most instead of just some of their revolvers. The "Classic" series is probably the best example. Who wants a Model 57, 58 or one of the classic WWI .45 ACP Military style revolvers with a hole in the side...

But the biggest problem I see is the fact that Smith KNOWS that the design is defective and self-locks and don't do anything about it. It is like Remington knowing there was a design defect in the 700/600/660 triggers and doing nothing about it. What is going to happen the day someone needs their snubbie to defend them selves and it locks up after the first round... It is going to be a one-in-a-million event but do you want to be that "winner"....

I still buy Smiths but not near as many as I would...

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Old 04-14-2017, 04:12 PM   #136
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I didn't know about the lock until I bought a Model 60 with a lock. The lock has since left. Other ILS like on the Springfield mil spec were removed and had a 1lb pull reduction. Mag disconnects go away. LCI's go away. I remove all extraneous BS from guns, cars, power saws, to name just a couple. You can tell if the designers were serious when they put this crap on a device. The non-serious ones are the easiest to remove. Air bags are a big hazard because when they go off you are pressed into the seat and can't control the vehicle. A lot of deer in my neighborhood. Rant over.
Don't confuse Right and Wrong ,with Legal and Illegal; It may be illegal to exterminate a politician, but that doesn't mean it's wrong.
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