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Reloading Data For Copper Plated Bullets

Sorta resurrecting and old thread, but FWIW I purchased some of Powerbond's plated bullets to reload and contacted them regarding reloading data. This is the reply I got:

"I recommend using the data in the Speer reloading manual. Speer jacketed bullets are similar in profile and our bullets can hold up to the velocities that speer recommends".


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Reloading Data For Copper Plated Bullets

I use Berry's bullets myself. I load them moderately using the same as I would for a lead bullet of equal weight. In 38 I keep them to under 900 feet per second, in 45 about the same but I have pushed the 9s faster to just about 1000 fps. Never had a moments problems with them.

My experience is that most manuals are fairly conservative due to lots of considerations. Generally I start at the top and then move it up by 0.5 grains at a time. Watch for signs of pressure and then leading.

I do not load for Glocks. I have seen too many dynamically disassembled due to bad loading. I would also probably not load for other plastic pistols either.

In recent years I have sort of standardized on powders, bullets and loads. The primer shortage has caused some additional retesting but there is not much effect as long as you don't go to magnum primers.

I would recommend that you not push plated bullets too fast. I could see how the plating would easily strip off.
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