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Old 03-07-2005, 10:01 PM   #1
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45 AR loads

I am in need of some load data for the 45 auto rim using a 255gr cast bullet.. Would like to use 2400 or something in that area,nothing faster than Unique..

Something a bit stout but no wall banger..Have no desire to damage my 625 Mt. Gun in any way..

I recall reading somewhere recently that one can do almost as good with the AR as the long Colt but be darned if I can remember where and find it..

Thanks for any help guys..
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Old 03-08-2005, 07:54 PM   #2
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45 AR loads


I've used 6 grains of Unique behind a LeadHead 255 LSWC sized to .454 in my S&W 625 with great success. They've worked well in both ACP and AR.

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Old 03-09-2005, 09:48 AM   #3
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45 AR loads


I've had really good luck with a Kead 255-gr. CSWC loaded over 6.0-gr. Unique.

Using R-P cases and a Winchester LP primer, average velocity is 860 ft/sec with an extreme spread of 32 and standard deviation of 11 when fired from a 5" S&W Model 625. Cartridge LOA: 1.2".

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Old 09-22-2005, 02:54 PM   #4
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45 AR loads

I have had great results with that bullet (Lyman 454424) using 2400 in all my S&Ws.

I also use the Lee 260gr Flat Point crimped in the forward grease groove (not the crimp grove).

I am not at home right now so I do not recall the exact load and would not want get it wrong. The true Keith design however has more of the weight up front than most commercial 250-260 gr SWCs (that is so that one can load them in many of the older DA short cylinder wheelguns in .45 Colt. There is not as much powder space left with those bullets so a faster poweder may be in order for them.

In any case it leaves the barrel of my 5" 1955 target at just under 1200 fps.

SR 4756 works great with this bullet also!

There are some great .45 AR loads in the Speer #8 manual but work up *carefully*!

Roll on,

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