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effects of slow/ fast powder on felt recoil

A question to those who might know: If I were to load a cartridge with say a 158 gr. .357 dia.bullet with a fast burning powder like Bullseye to produce 1000 fps, would the felt recoil be the same as , less than, or greater than that same cartridge loaded with a slow burning powder like 2400? Same bullet @ the same velocity, Same recoil?
Thanks in advance, dang
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Aside from the physics involved the greater part of the answer to your question depends upon sensitive the shooter is to felt recoil.
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recoil is momentum is weight x velocity
Slower burning powder produces the pressure over a longer period of time, but that time is still measured in milliseconds or such
There is a very minor effect from more gas being ejected with the slow powder, as the recoil included the weight of powder to some extent
The 2400 load will have less chamber pressure, but that is not relevant to recoil (unless you can feel the powder thrust effect)
Finally, most recoil is NOT recoil per se, but your reaction to the felt recoil, so you have determine if YOU feel a difference.
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Old 04-02-2017, 12:28 PM   #4
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found the load.

Tried 158 gr. SWCHP/GC over 6.5 gr. Power Pistol in .357 brass. The load goes 950 fps through my LCR .357. Penetrates well in wet newspaper and expands to double its size.Not a plinking load but I can shoot it one handed and be quickly back on target. Feel it will work well on all predators, two or four legged type. Thanks for the input and good shooting to you all.
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