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Old 12-27-2010, 05:55 PM   #1
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S&W MP9 heavy duty pistol?

Hy folks,

Let me ask you if you have similar opinion as I and many other local IPSC shooters have about the MP 9 pistol.

A few months ago, I have purchased a 9 mm MP S&W pistol for IPSC shooting. Reason was similarity with glock system, good name, promising gun response according to many opinions.

MP has shown better performance than glock with reloaded ammo, at least when the gun is new, even if reloaded ammo is absolutely not the best for this guns, accuracy and fast shooting are pretty nice with the MP, and at the beginning, shooters that used MPs when the guns were new, were very happy.

I used my MP just one time for competing, because I was showing up my HK USP in competitions. (by the way, my friend two guns, I still need the barrel. I hope we can arrange it next time I visit the US) In this one time, the white dot at the front sight fell, and a black hole was my reference, or the upper border of the front sight.

Anyway, after about 10 IPSC competitions (less than one year), where about 200 rounds are fired per competition, where you have to add shoots performed during training, number that might be very variable from shooter to shooter, -some train a lot, some don't train at all- MP pistols started to show some material fatigue, particularly at the trigger, some springs, lots of jams, firing pin housing, issues that started to increase the timing of some shooters.

Seems to be, that even if it is a very nice and elegant gun, with heavy use, and low maintenance, MPs are not as reliable as other guns (in our range, Bul, glock, IMI, CZ, and very few HK, Walther and Sig) that are used in same conditions, and for some years and not just 10 competitions.

I do not know if the MP that arrived here were Mondays guns, or if you have similar experiences.

I pained a new white dot at the front sight of my pistol and sold it after just one use, when it works fine, accurate and with no malfunctions.

Plan to purchase a Sig P 226.

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Old 12-28-2010, 01:35 PM   #2
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S&W MP9 heavy duty pistol?

I see the M&P9s (and 40s too) quite a bit in the local IDPA circuit here. My shooting partners have them and like them very much. There were some teething pains with them but they appear to have been sorted out and they run like the Glocks and the XDs now.

I am so heavily invested in Glock support stuff that I can't change now. But, if I was in the market for a new plastic 9mm, I would buy the M&P9L for sure. Especially if it came with the new Apex trigger system. The only real advantage for the Glock is that I can work on them myself and I own all of the holsters, carriers, manuals and assorted support equipment (a big box of magazines).

Doctor, I don't like coloured sights myself. I have painted out pretty much every dot system and long since gave up on them. I only have a few guns with night sights and candidly, if they did not come that way, I would not insist on them at all. I learned at Thunder Ranch that night sights are not an absolute requirement as far as I am concerned. I like the Big Dot system but if they were black instead of white, I would like them just as much.
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