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Old 10-23-2007, 09:38 AM   #1
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My Tokarev SVT-40 rifle

Hey all,

Here's a little write-up on my favorite gun in my collection; My 1941 Tula mfg. Tokarev SVT-40 rifle in 7.62x54r caliber.

I bought this gun about 2 years ago. I wasn't planning on getting one, but I came across it at a gun show, and was struck by the ever-present impulse buy.

The rifle came with three ten-round magazines.

This rifle is a neat historical piece, and a fun way to shoot up 7.62x54r ammo. The semi-auto action and the muzzle break help tame some of the 7.62x54r's recoil.

The rifle in my hands is about as accurate as my Mosin Nagant M44 carbine.

100 yds. shooting from prone position w/rest:

(Joshua Smith, recognize that target? )

Not a spectacular group, but as good as I'm capable of at the moment!

When I first got this rifle and started to shoot it regularly, the rifle would fail to fire surplus ammo on the average of five rounds per ten round magazine. A new firing pin and firing pin spring ordered from Numrich solved that problem. I replaced the recoil springs in the rifle also.

Although this rifle is a blast to shoot, reliability is not one of its' strong points. Rarely will it make it through a ten-round mag without a failure-to-feed. That changes with ammo; newer soft-point brass-cased ammo feeds reliably all day, but the rifle regularly chokes on surplus 7.62x54r.

The gas system is adjustable, but takes a special five-sided tool that I don't have, so I've never tried to adjust it. (this may have an impact on why the rifle doesn't want to feed reliably).

I usually put a slip-on recoil pad on this gun; not so much for the recoil, but because the metal butt plate on the stocks likes to cut my cheek while shooting.

So, although it's my favorite rifle due to the historical value, collecting appeal, and being a blast to shoot, it's definitely NOT the rifle to grab when the SHTF due to the reliability issues.

But still, I love this rifle, and have never once regretted buying it!

Matt C

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Old 10-23-2007, 10:01 AM   #2
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My Tokarev SVT-40 rifle

Matt C,

Very good write up on your SVT40, and the pictures are outstanding, thanks for sharing with us. I have had a SVT 40, had some of the same problems you experienced, however, mine was no way near in the condition of your SVT40, and I can see why you are the proud owner of it. I sold mine a and the bayonet little over two years ago so I could buy a non-import Wincherster M1 Carbine, I haven't regreated making that deal, but I do miss the the Russian SVT40. Again, thanks for sharing.

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Old 10-30-2007, 10:01 AM   #3
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My Tokarev SVT-40 rifle

Thanks, papabear!

If I come across another one someday at the right price, I may get a second one. I've talked to people who've owned ones that were quite reliable with surplus ammo.

I ended up just getting reloading dies for the 7.62x54r to reload for this rifle. It feeds much better with shorter bullets than the longer spitzers that the surplus stuff has.

Matt C

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