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Old 03-17-2011, 11:27 PM   #11
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New Manufacture M1 Carbines?

I've heard both good and bad about the current manufacture M-1 Carbines. They are made by Auto-Ordinance, which is owned by Kahr, which no doubt casts a shadow on their reputation. The two GI carbines I have will shoot to 50 yards with acceptable accuracy. At 100 yards they are still better than the SKS, but not great. I am thinking about putting a scout scope arrangement on one and seeing what it can really do.

Mech Tech makes a slide/barrel/stock arrangement for turning your 1911 into a carbine, looks to be about $400.

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New Manufacture M1 Carbines?

Folks, what would you expect a round to be like, say, if I were to take the .30 carbine and neck it down to .243?

Similar ballistics to...?

Thanks for all the replies thus far,


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New Manufacture M1 Carbines?

At one time a necked down 22 was sold. I think it was called the spitfire. In 1963 Melvin Johnson marketed the 5.7 spitfire M1-carbine. It was a carbine case necked down to 5.7mm. It was fast and hot!
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Old 03-18-2011, 07:56 AM   #14
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New Manufacture M1 Carbines?

Back in '63 Remington produced a bolt action pistol based on their Model 600 rifle, and chambered it for a shortened and necked down .222 case firing .22 cal bullets. It was called the .221 Remington Fireball. It's SAAMI pressure rating was 52,000 PSI - pretty darn high, and that was in a bolt action. So I'm wondering if you neck down the .30 carbine case to a .243 and shoot 65-75 grain bullets in it, will the pressuress exceed the capability of the M-1's action, and will its velocities be worth a hoot for anything practical? I wonder. And then you have to establish the correct rate of twist for the barrel. I'm sure you would have to modify the mags and feed system of the rifle to handle the new bottleneck round, and adjust the gas system to operate with it as well. So I think you're talking about a goodly engineering problem, Josh. IMHO.


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New Manufacture M1 Carbines?

Originally Posted by Nuclear
I am thinking about putting a scout scope arrangement on one and seeing what it can really do.

I'm working from memory here (it's been 18 years since I own a carbine with a scope on it) but that would help allot....
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New Manufacture M1 Carbines?

Just got back from the range shooting 100 more rds of Federal American eagle with my son home for spring break at Ohio State. The Carbine is a A.O. WW2 model with flip site. So far 500 rds without jam! Mags Pro-mag 15 rd. New recoil spring from wolf works perfect. My son never shot a carbine before and had no problem keeping them in the chest at 50-75yards. One the best things you can do for your carbine is to use wolf springs for recoil and mag springs for those near 70 year old surplus magazines. WW2 mags are jam prone unless the springs are strong. Most are tired and need replacing. Same for military semi-auto,s . Replace the recoil spring first thing . Carbine jamming can be cured on old worn WW2 carbines %90 of the time by replacing recoil and mag spring from Wolf Springs. A little tip just buy the whole gun spring kit and the 3-packs of mag springs. You can save a little$$. Best,Jeep P.S Aim surplus has Priva-Partisan 30 carbine for a good price. Beware of Korean Junk carbine mags.
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Old 03-18-2011, 04:31 PM   #17
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New Manufacture M1 Carbines?

My wife and I really like M1 carbines, but we've only ever fired ex-GI versions: Winchester imported from Korea and for now my wife's October 1943 Inland that we got from the CMP during the Bavarian/ Austrian Gendarmerie bonanza/stampede when that was available.

My wife has shot a vintage rifle match at 200 yards with her Inland, and it did not fare well at all at that range. She used a 12 o'clock hold with the rear sight all the way back, and it still did not hit the good target rings too frequently using quality Aguila .30 carbine ball ammo. They are fun guns to shoot, a great gun to start new shooters on for marksmanship fundamentals, and with a 15 round magazine and 75 to 100 yard accuracy are way better in an average/mediocre marksman's hands than the M1911 that it was intended to replace... But a bonafide rifle it ain't.

I've read portions of _War Baby_ that indicate the .30 carbine was chosen because of a requirement for the carbine to shoot out to 300 yards. That 300 yard requirement was clearly more theoretical as far as I can determine.

Since you are left handed, I will warn you that southpaws who've shot carbines with me have had empty cases bounce of their foreheads, and perhaps more disconcertingly, eject some piping hot brass down the neck of a T-shirt! Corbon makes DPX ammo, and there are also a few other HP loads for it. There are replacements for the top handguard that allow one to install red-dot sights and so on, which might make for a really fast-handling carbine.

Most ARs these days have that little pyramid peg to deflect brass away from left-handed users... I don't have an AR, but if I get one it would be to use as a target rifle for highpower matches. For now I'm satisfied with my M1 Garands. But the versatility of that AR rifle design recommends it for lots of different shooters. Certainly it is amply customizable. With a 20-round mag and a minimalist approach it can be every bit as handy as the old M1 carbine. I've only seen those new M1 carbines, and certainly they look nice. Like a lot of folks, I've heard ambivalent things about reliability and so on.

As for the .30 US carbine cartridge, i.e. 7.62x33mm necked down to .224... It has been done! Those small-bore tests informed Eugene Stoner's design of the 5.56x45mm or .223...
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New Manufacture M1 Carbines? wide assortment even Gold-dot defense. I use plain ball for everything. Its a great PDW weapon and much more effective than smg,s. The Israeli police still use them and thats a hotbed over there. Back in the 1960,s race riots in Cleveland the PD used them big time! They still work for a patrol rifle.
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