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Documented Shootings? Cor-bon .40 S&W

Hi Folks,

Since Mr. Marshall is not here to defend his work and we seem to be rehashing the pro vs. anti EM debate, we have digressed quite a bit from the poster's original question.

Let's please focus on the poster's intended question.


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Documented Shootings? Cor-bon .40 S&W

Glad you've been following this thread, Chris. Certainly it is a most controversal subject that can never be answered accurately. So it's doubtful anyone will have a good answer to the original request for actual street results with .40 CorBon ammo.

Again, Stephen's article is still the best advice...

So, as many have said before, if you have a favorite ammo that you can shoot with confidence in your handgun with good accuracy, stick with it and don't be too concerned about what any published data says it will or will not do.

Looks like that's about it for this thread. My suggestion to read EM's third book is only an opinion. Erich's opinions are well noted. So before this goes any further, I'll close the thread.

Anyone with a good reply should pm weshowe with their info.

Thanks to all,


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Closed Thread

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